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      Effective energy saving measures in the feed machinery work
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      Friend, according to previous feed machinery operation experience, the user can always take advantage of low price period production, reduce the production cost; Or by relying on science and arrange the production plan to prepare for the coordination between different divisions, make each product batch production of the minimum economic scale of production, reduce the frequent replacement of varieties cause downtime, no-load, improve energy efficiency. , of course, the most effective is close don't need equipment in time, avoid equipment idle. Besides, there are a few can do effective energy saving level.

      First, power transmission

      In terms of energy saving, one area that is often overlooked is that through the bearing, reducer, transmission belt or chain and sprocket drive to transfer power. The following measures can help us to achieve power transmission system to minimize energy consumption or loss in the process:

      1) with the appropriate amount and type of lubrication qi to lubrication bearing, to maintain good ring survived and operation conditions.

      2) make the V belt to keep the appropriate degree of tension, replace the wear of belt, use match the belt pulley device, etc.

      3) keep the chain tension, to avoid the vibration of transmission equipment caused by chain relaxation.

      4) chain lubrication to keep them flexible.

      5) keep the actuator clean, no dirt and waste accumulation, in order to avoid local excess heat. Allow the free flow of air around the gear speed reducer.

      6) when the equipment must be at work, at a speed of more than a using ac variable frequency drive unit instead of mechanical and adjustable belt transmission.

      7) component of raw material and finished goods to deal with many times in the feed processing. Device used to move the material type, specification and production also have influence to energy consumption, therefore, the equipment to choose the proper model.

      8) use less as far as possible or avoid to use pneumatic conveying system.

      Second, the raw material crushing

      1) in a timely manner for reversing or replacement of hammer hammer, bag, improve grinding efficiency.

      2) keep the air auxiliary system of negative pressure in good condition in order to improve the yield. Clear pulse fan stopped, pulse bag is delay. Guarantee the bag is clean, can improve the bag use time, improve the efficiency of the fan.

      3) in the process of feed processing, don't put the material shattered a finer than required.

      4) the use of variable speed feeder evenly the material feeding, and maintain the mill load constant.

      5) during the fine crushing operations, will be difficult to fine crushing, grinding and crushing raw materials mixing can improve the efficiency of fine crushing.

      6) after crushing and fine crushing and classification equipment, reduce excessive crushing raw materials.

      Third, mixing

      1) improve the level of control personnel operation skill and coordination. Central is the "brain" of the production workshop, production related personnel in the process of doing what time is controlled by the operator to coordinate arrangements. Is controlled, such as the operator to work assignments, according to the production task list, match the inventory quantity of raw materials and storage bin, decided to release personnel feeding type, order and quantity, to ensure that the mixing machine continuous work, won't because some raw materials and production; Reasonable charge will ensure mill in a certain time of startup times fewer, idle running time shortest; Grain and enrichment of material production at the same time, determine the right time to switch is maintaining granulator, mixed function plays an important role in promoting the continuous production. If unskilled operation, low coordination control personnel, production process will inevitably appear not smooth top or shut down due to cutting and so on. Therefore, to raise the level of control personnel operation, coordination, is an important aspect to improve production efficiency.

      2) using variable frequency variable speed controller for the spiral feeder, feeder motor load steady and efficient operation.

      3) bin, scale of design should be to ensure that the material by gravity discharge completely, without having to discharge or mechanical unloading or mechanical vibration discharging device.

      4) set the right ingredients, mixing cycle, reasonable arrangement of artificial feeding and liquid adding operation, to improve the working efficiency of the ingredients.

      Four, feed granulating

      1) in the purchase of pelletizer ring die and the crusher screen mesh, under the premise of guarantee the strength to try to improve the opening rate, so as to improve the production efficiency of granulating machine and grinder, reduce energy consumption.

      2) reasonable control output, the reasonable adjustment model of roll gap, improve the efficiency of granulating extend the life of the ring die and roller.

      3) timely use of ring die repair machine repair ring die, improve the granulating production efficiency.

      4) adjust or replace the pelletizer conditioning machine blade, raises the mass increase stir bar and improve the effect of tempering, improve production efficiency.

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