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      Extend the life of the ring die Focus on the correct use of
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      One, the pellet machine for regular maintenance
      1. Due to the grain machine main machine feed mills, the first manufacturer to cope with the host to carry on the daily maintenance work, Zhou Bao, month, in order to ensure smooth particles machine keep good, don't beat working condition, if equipment is fault or some wearing parts wear, especially the driving wheel and spindle wear and should be replaced timely maintenance spare parts, to ensure the normal use of concentric ring mould.
      2. Installed at the entrance of feed iron absorption device, in order to avoid metal objects fall into the granulating indoor, lead to serious damage and ring die cracking.
      3. The installation should be check ring die pellet indoor transmission key, hoop, the wear-resisting lining ring, roller press, both ends of the driving wheel of the wear resistant liner, adjustable gap and feeding scraper, cutter abrasion of wearing parts, such as the replacement should be replaced in a timely manner, to ensure the normal operation of pellet machine. If wear hoop ring die to hold will produce particles machine vibration, which seriously affect the ring die service life, and even make the ring die cracking, should be replaced in a timely manner, and feeding scraper of wear particles machine production is produced.

      Second, the ring die maintenance work
      1. Because of the different varieties of the production of feed, involving ring die material, opening rate, inner cone hole, effective length of die hole, pressure relief hole design is different, should find a professional advanced technology production enterprise combining feed ingredients and the actual use of different technological ring die design, customization, to ensure that ring the use of the modulus maximum value.
      2. Use the prawn new ring die, must be replaced new concentric grinding roller used to match.
      3. The clearance between the ring die and roller must be controlled between 0.1 0.3 mm, don't let a eccentric roller in contact with the ring die surface or side clearance is too large, this is imperceptible to the naked eye and installation size, lest cause the ring die and roller wear or discharge phenomenon.
      4. Particles machine starts up, feed feed rate must be from low speed to high speed, do not speed from the start, cause the ring die and particle machine damage due to sudden overload or ring die plugging material.

      Third, ring die maintenance
      1. When the ring die for a period of time don't have to be in a corrosive oil out of the original feed, otherwise, the ring die of heat will keep the original die hole feed dry harden, resulting in the following situations:
      (1) when we started running, die block, squeezed out;
      (2) to start producing, ring die under high stress and weaken its strength, may produce ring die cracking;
      (3) part of the die block, reducing productivity and reduce profits.
      2. The ring die use after a period of time, should check inside the ring die table for local bulge, if you have this phenomenon, extruding part USES grinder to grind away, to ensure that the production when the ring die and the service life of roller.
      3. If the die block does not discharge, can use oil soak or cooking oil after granulating again, still can't granulating can use electric drill after plugging material drill, reoccupy oily materials and fine grinding and polishing after use.
      4. When loading and unloading of ring die, not hard steel tools such as hammer knock the ring die surface.
      5. Should do ring die per shift to use record, so that accurate statistics out of the ring die actual life.
      6. The ring must be stored in dry and clean place, if stored in damp places, will produce die hole corrosion, and reduce the service life of ring die or not discharge.

      Four causes of the abnormal particles, analysis and improvement methods
      Feed production units in the production of feed often appear abnormal grain, affected the grain appearance and inner quality, which affect the sales of feed mills and reputation. Here are often feed mills is reason analysis abnormal particles and suggest ways to improve list:

      Five, the different material granulating technology summary
      As pellet feed in livestock and poultry and aquatic breeding industry and compound fertilizer, hops, chrysanthemum, sawdust, peanut shell, popularization and application of emerging industries such as cottonseed meal, use the ring die granulator unit more and more, because of the difference of the feed formulation, as well as the regional differences, users are different to the requirement of pellet feed. Each feed manufacturers for the production of grain feed are required to have the good grain quality and the highest granulating efficiency, because of the different feed formula, made to suppress these pellet feed on the parameters of ring also each are not identical, the choice of ring die parameters is mainly manifested in the material, aperture, aperture, length to diameter ratio, the choice of the opening rate. And the selection of ring die parameters must according to the composition of feed formula of all kinds of raw material chemical composition and physical properties of decision, raw material chemical composition including protein, starch, fat, cellulose, etc. And physical properties of raw materials including particle size, moisture, capacity, etc.
      Mainly including wheat and corn in the livestock feed, starch content and high fiber content is less, belong to high starch feed, to suppress this kind of feed must ensure that the starch gelatinization fully, at high temperature and processing conditions, the thickness of the ring die usually thicker, with wider range of aperture, the length to diameter ratio is generally between 8 - ". And belong to the high-energy feed, such as chicken, flesh duck fat content is higher, easy granulating, length to diameter compared commonly big, between 1:10-1:13.
      Aquatic products mainly include fish feed, such as shrimp feed, turtles, fish feed in the crude fiber content is higher, shrimp, soft-shelled turtle less crude fiber content in feed and protein content is higher, belongs to the high protein feed. Particles in the water steady aquatic material requirement time length, diameter and length, which requires the material granulating fine granularity and curing degree is high, when using cooked before and after the curing process. Fish feed ring die aperture in theta commonly used 1.5-3.5 between theta, scope of length to diameter ratio generally between 1:10-1:12. Used in shrimp feed ring die aperture range between theta - theta 2.5 1.5, range of length to diameter ratio between 1:11-1. Turtle material used in the ring die aperture is bigger, in the range of theta 3-8 between theta, due to the high protein content, scope of length to diameter ratio between 1:12-1, the selection of length to diameter ratio of specific parameters must be according to the formula and nutrition index in course of the user's requirements to determine. Distributed shape and mould design as far as possible under the condition of strength allows no ladder hole, to ensure that the cut out grain length, diameter is consistent.
      Compound fertilizer formulations are mainly inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, mineral, etc, the inorganic compound fertilizer, such as urea on the corrosion of ring is larger, and minerals to ring die die hole and inner cone hole wear, extrusion pressure is bigger. Compound fertilizer ring die aperture, generally larger, range between theta 3 - theta 6, die hard because of the large friction coefficient of the material, so the length to diameter is small, generally between 1:4-1:6, at the same time because of compound fertilizer containing bacteria, temperature cannot exceed 50 degrees to 60 degrees, otherwise easy to kill the vaccine. So compound fertilizer for granulating temperature is low, general ring mold wall thickness is thin. Due to die wear, compound fertilizer to ring is not too strict to the requirement of aperture, general ring die used to press roll gap cannot adjust to scrap, so the ladder hole length to ensure that the length to diameter ratio, improve the service life of ring die eventually.
      Hop crude cellulosic content high and contains bacteria, temperature generally no more than 50 degrees, so suppress hops ring mold wall thickness is thin, generally is about 1:5, a relatively short length to diameter particle diameter is larger, between theta. Theta 5-6.
      Chrysanthemum, peanut shells, cottonseed meal, sawdust contains a large number of coarse cellulosic, crude cellulosic content over 20%, oil content is less, the material through the die hole of friction resistance is bigger, granulating performance is poor, ask the low hardness of particles at the same time, generally can shape is difficult to meet the requirements, and the diameter of particles, generally in theta 6-8 between theta, length to diameter ratio is commonly 1:4 - around 1:6. Because this kind of feed density is small, die aperture is large, granulating before die zone must use tape sealed circle, so that the material after full fill in the die hole forming, and then tear the tape.
      For all kinds of material granulating, can't die with a dogma, must according to the material system of material characteristics and the characteristics of the feed manufacturers to select the correct ring die parameters and operating conditions, adjust measures to local conditions, to produce high quality feed.
      Broken die cause analysis (generally small businesses choose casting billet appear to break the mold) :
      1, the driving wheel mating surface wear ring die cracking;
      2, die lining wear or deformation caused by the ring die cracking.
      3, the transmission key wear ring die impact caused cracking.
      4, effect of iron removal equipment errand ring die working face has a metal object indentation, and result in the crack of the ring die.
      5, ring die, roll gap is too small, result in the crack of the ring die.
      6, short compression than small aperture fish feeding mode, user requirements without pressure relief hole, ring die cracking.
      Attachment: a variety of material system materials parameter list as follows
      Material type Feed type ring die aperture
      High starch feed theta. 2, theta. 6
      Livestock and poultry feed particles high-energy feed theta. 2, theta. 6
      Aquatic material particles High protein feed theta - theta 3.5 1.5
      Compound fertilizer granules Feed containing urea theta 3, theta. 6
      Hops particles high fiber feed theta. Theta 5-6
      Chrysanthemum particles high fiber feed theta. Theta 5-6
      Peanut shell particles High fiber feed theta. Theta 5-6
      The cotton seed shell particles high fiber feed theta. Theta 5-6
      Peat granule high fiber feed theta 3, theta. 6
      Sawdust particles high fiber feed theta. Theta 5-16

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